King of the Cage 2018 Photo report [archives]

There are match-ups so lopsided it’s not even worth dedicating SB slots to them. At least that’s what i was arguing on the way to the King of the Cage EC tournament the Quebec city crew organized on june 30th. For my deck, Reanimator is one of those. It’s my luck that it’s exactly what i got paired against in R1. The first game was a fine example of this lopsidedness: no matter what i did, his t1 Bazaar and Mox, Recall into t2 more moxen and All Hallow’s Eve for a trio of Triskies and some giant crab action on t4 is pretty much lights out against my fair weenie deck. However I did make the witty play of t3 Mind Twisting my own critter-packed hand and enjoy a nice tempo boost from the mass reanimation spell resolving, so some style points were had, at least. But we all knew what the issue of this game was going to be.

…Rest of gallery (including deck pics & action shots) is best viewed in my IMGUR profile:


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