Going Public (Domain) with Branching Paths

Great feedback was received following the public announcement of Branching Paths rolling out during the next couple of weeks. Some experienced game designer pointed out that our plans to make the set publicly available -free of charge- for print and digital play following it’s release event, was, beyond « non-profit », perfectly in line with … Continue reading Going Public (Domain) with Branching Paths


Branching Paths: a public domain, fan-made OS set

So, we made a public domain, entirely custom set in the spirit of Old school MTG. The project’s aim was to create new fan-made content for OS MTG players to enjoy, while making a deliberate effort to remain within 1993-1994 MTG flavor, even if we used modern tools. It’s a “What if” WotC had taken … Continue reading Branching Paths: a public domain, fan-made OS set

TWC6 + Branching Paths

Inscriptions/Registrations: https://forms.gle/X5NzmAmcdob2v8sU8 (ENGLISH FOLLOWS) Ⓕenrir en est la preuve: le loup est un animal qu’il vaut mieux ne pas déranger. Ⓘl paraît que la meute de Montréal va bientôt faire trembler toute la région… Ⓡeste sur tes gardes, si tu viens nous défier sur notre terrain de chasse! Ⓔs-tu prêt à réveiller ton instinct grégaire, … Continue reading TWC6 + Branching Paths

Introducing: Roploplo

Roploplo, we believe, is the best multiplayer Old school pseudo-commander format. Created at Parc du Père-Marquette in Montreal, summer 2021, we've been addic… testing and refining it intensively ever since! In fact, it's also become the locals' fav webcam-based OS experience. Roploplo is: politics meet epic plays, in a singleton environment where underappreciated cards get … Continue reading Introducing: Roploplo